Tech Consulting

We consult to clients ranging from established multi-national companies to founder-led startups. Our tech-strategy consulting team includes experienced architects who have built and deployed many technology businesses.


Some of the aspects of our tech consulting service include:

  • Strategic exploration of tech offering to attain product-market-fit (PMF)
  • Product roadmap determination
  • Tech roadmap determination
  • Product architecture evolution
  • Customer user experience optimization through tech
  • Sales optimization through tech
  • Code review to discover areas of improvement in code quality

Outsourced CTO service

For early-stage startups, if there is no qualified technology expert in the founding team, then it is not cost-effective to hire a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or a Head of Engineering. Our highly-qualified technology experts with vast experience can act as a CTO on a need-basis to guide the engineering team towards building a tech product of expected quality.

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Our architects live and breathe technology.