Penetration Testing

Discover how vulnerable you are! It is highly recommended to opt for a pen test. After we conduct this ethical hacking procedure, we provide you the list of security bugs. Depending on your preference, our highly-skilled tech team can fix those security loopholes.

We conduct both bespoke and automated penetration testing to check out if anyone can breach through your defences.

Bespoke penetration testing

A comprehensive pen test will be conducted as per your specific needs, and the demands of your business. This is more expensive than automated penetration testing because security experts will be working exclusively on your pen test. The exercise will take up from few days to few weeks of time. At the end of the effort, a report will be prepared by the security experts for your perusal, with suggested action plan.

Automated penetration testing

A wide-ranging pen test will be conducted using an automated software. A high percentage of common use cases will be covered in this pen test. This is less expensive than bespoke penetration testing because the involvement of security experts will be minimal, as most of the work will be conducted by the software. The exercise will take up couple of days to few days of time. At the end of the effort, an automated report will be generated for your perusal. This test is recommended if you are commissioning a pen test for the first time, or if you have limited budget for cyber security. Moreover, as the cost of this test is comparatively less, if you have tech product or a tech-enabled service, then you may opt for conducting this test once in a month.

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We discover how vulnerable you are.