Mobile App Development

Mobile-first approach is gaining more importance. Our mobile app experts couldn’t agree more! Whether you want a mobile-first product or launch a mobile app for your existing website-based product, we are happy to work with you.

Native iOS apps in Swift and native Android apps

We have dedicated teams to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android phones. Our design experts know the minute differences in design approach between iOS apps and Android apps. For iOS app development, we specialise in Swift programming language.

Native tablet apps

We build native tablet apps as per the user needs. We believe that certain use cases require the apps to be built specifically for a tablet. The approach needed to bring the required product concept to reality is different than that needed for building mobile apps.

Integrated development of mobile app and web app

Most of our clients opt for web app development as well as mobile app development for the same product. Such a holistic product offering opens up new channels for your product to engage with your targeted customer. Check out our webpage on web app development for details.

Native versus cross-platform mobile app development

We do not prefer cross-platform app development. Unless you have a good reason to opt for cross-platform app, we are eager to develop your mobiles apps for iOS and Android as native apps.

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Our enable you to benefit from mobile-first opportunities.