Key considerations for startups while taking up new Tech Development



Any new technology development, either an innovation or a modification to the existing tech solution, might give you immense benefits. However, with increasing consumer applications and tough competition, it has become very difficult for tech products to survive without the product-market fit. This whitepaper speaks about some of the most important points one must consider in a tech development process.

Let's learn more about the main steps involved in any application development process:

  1. Product Roadmap Determination
  2. Tech Roadmap and Technology Stack determination
  3. Product Architecture evolution
  4. Focus on achieving amazing User Experience
  5. Sales optimization through tech
  6. Code refactoring to discover areas of improvement in code quality
  7. Product and Tech Development Documentation
  8. Database, Storage and Hosting for your application
  9. Deployment methodology for your application
  10. Testing and bug fixes in the code
  11. Third party tools and enhancements
  12. Security is a key consideration to be made

This white paper is relevant to any team that is involved in tech development. However, some of the pertinent use cases can be:

  • Early-stage startups having less than 20 engineers, and working on one pain-point, or trying to find product-market-fit.
  • Small to mid-sized firms, having employee strength of up to 500, that has created a dedicated team, having less than 10 engineers, that is tasked to work on one or more pain-points.
  • Non-tech founder in single-member to 4-member startup that is trying to build a Minimal Viable Product
  • Tech founder in a single-member to 4-member startup who is trying to build a Minimal Viable Product or a beta version of the product
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